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Consultation Services

Our academy provides a variety of consultation services to newbies and/or students of translation and language colleges. These services are outcomes-oriented with a focus on tangible results.

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One-To-One Coaching

One-to-one coaching sessions can be tailored to orient students, fresh graduates, and translation newbies to the prerequisites for succeeding in a very competitive industry like translation. These...

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Translation Training

Our academy offers training courses, webinars, lectures, and events in all aspects of the translation industry. The online/offline training courses are designed for current and would-be translators who...

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Who are we?

A bridge between academia and the translation industry.

Enjoy Learning with Muhammad (ELWMuhammad) is a professional translation training academy founded by Muhammad Said, a translation professional and a certified Proz.com translation mentor.

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  • Thanks to Mr. Muhammad for your efforts in referring to the essential instructions in translation through giving us different texts for translation. Further, he is trying to orient us to use different ways in research and other techniques in giving our answers.
  • Feedback : This Training is so useful to me . I have learned many things and thanks to you .  You helped me to  improve my skills in Translation. So i can say that you put me on the way . Thanks so much my professor.
  • Training is very useful with Mr. Muhammad. He is very organized and scheduled, especially in discussion, tests, and questions and answers in the training group. He supports us to be professional translators in the future.
  • I joined the training course to know more about translation from Arabic to English and to be professional in in the industry. What I expected is to take some paragraphs to translate. However, he didn't train us to translate only, but also he was training us to acquire the skills of translation. After I attended many sessions with Mr. Muhammad, I learnt some skills which made me happy and surprised. If I have a chance to be one of his team in translation, I will be proud of that. He is intelligent, very kind, genius, quick-witted and an excellent trainer. Highly recommended!
  • بشكر أستاذنا الفاضل الأستاذ محمد على جهده معنا؛ فنحن لا نتعلم فن الترجمة والكتابة الصحيحة فحسب، بل نتعلم أيضا الاستعانة بالتقنيات الحديثة في العمل بمجال الترجمة لمواكبة العصر، وتعلم كيفية التعامل مع عدد كبير من الكلمات في وقت أقصر.
  • أكبر شيء مطمئن في التدريب هو الأمانة في تناول أستاذ محمد لكل الموضوعات التي نتطرق لها فهو يتمتع بخبرة كبيرة في المجال وكل ما يخصه، وحريص علي نقل هذه الخبرة للمتدربين. دقيق جدًا وأكيد ده مفيد للمتدربين في بداية المشوار لكي يحرصوا على الدقة، ويتمتع بخفة الدم رغم المشاكل التي تواجهه في أخطاء المترجمين لتشجعيهم مع خالص تقديري
  • I am really proud of being a member of your training group. This is the first time I feel great toward myself. I cannot get bored because your method of training is interesting, unprecedented, and exceptional.
  • What I like about the course is its diversity. Every week, Mr. Said challenges us with a different text. The communication with him is also great; he replies quickly to my questions and will always do his best to help me if I ever encountered any problem. He is never cheap with information. Be sure that you will always learn something from him as he is always updated with all that is new in the translation industry.